Border Collie Rescued From Ocean After Falling From Cliff

Alfie the border collie found himself in a fortunate situation amongst the dogs in Pembrokeshire. He had a stroke of luck after he tumbled from a cliff edge located between West Angle and Thorn Island.

On Friday, September 22, at around midday, the Angle All-Weather Lifeboat received phone calls informing them that Alfie had fallen off a cliff located between West Angle and Thor Island.

“A spokesperson for Angle RNLI Lifeboat stated that since the dog could not be reached from above, the crew was called upon to help the owners.”

After arriving at Thorn Island, the crew began to search the vicinity. Fortunately, several individuals from the public were persistently waving at the lifeboat from the nearby clifftop where Alfie was found, helping the crew locate him.

The crew member said that they launched the Y boat and headed towards the area to evaluate the situation and determine the most effective approach to securing Alfie.

The crew members found Alfie on a steep ledge about eight feet above.

Thankfully, he was not injured. However, the Y boat crew faced challenging circumstances due to strong waves and a strong onshore wind. Despite these difficulties, they evaluated the situation and successfully brought one of the crew members to land when there was a break in the waves.

“Alfie performed exceptionally well during the rescue mission, and subsequently, he was swiftly embraced by a crew member, securely descending towards the waterfront.”

Afterwards, the Y boat successfully navigated through the rocks and returned to West Angle beach, where the dog’s owners and members of the St Govan’s Coastguard Rescue Team met with the crew.

Shortly after that, Alfie was once again in the custody of his thankful owners and brought back to the comfort of his bed, where he could reminisce about his adventures.

Well done to the St Govan’s Coastguard Rescue Team, without them, Alfie may not have been found and safely returned to his owners.

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